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NimbleBI Feature Summary

  • Free form Query Builder
  • Dashboard Builder
  • Data Explorer
  • Dashboard Viewer
  • Databases Connectivity - ODBC/JDBC, JNDI, Big Data Connectors
  • Enterprise Security -  Application Roles, Object, Row Level Data Security
  • OEM Integration - SSO, URL API, iFrame, Portlets
  • Administration Console - User Management and Security Administration
  • Technology Stack - Pentaho CE, Angular, JavaScript VI Libraries

Free form Query Builder

Simple yet powerful visual interface that empowers user to create, modify and share queries from varied data source and put them logically together for dashboard development

  • Schema Browsing for table selection
  • Simple and Join Query Builder
  • SQL dialog to write direct queries
  • Concept of DataSource to group multiple queries in one place


Query Editor


Query Builder


Data Source


Data Explorer Screen

Drag and drop columns on drop zones Integration with Interactive PVC, ECharts and D3js libraries Visualization Selector Image placeholder Preview visualization Image placeholder Modify default properties as per requirements Image placeholder Drive one visualization from another Image placeholder Visual Data Discovery

Databases Connectivity

Supports JDBC, ODBC and JNDI type datasources Supports typical RDBMSs, MPPs Also supports large number of NoSQL and BigData sources like Hadoop, Cloudera, Spark, Amazon Webservices


Administration Console

User Management Role assignments

Dashboard Viewer

Suitable mode for OEM integration View each pin in zoomed mode Export to CSV, XLS, PNG Add comments

OEM Integration

SSO seamless sign-on URL API integration


Object Security - Report/Attribute/Metric, Data Security, Role based User Authorization