nimbleBI - Is focused on making BI: Agile, Fast, Intuitive and Fun

It is a hackerish approach to what has traditionally been a cumbersome development task to getting results and ROI when using other BI technologies. We are focused on empowering the developer to quickly build enterprise grade BI Visualizations that can easily be embedded into other applications while leveraging a skill set that they are already comfortable with. Once the developer has completed their configuration of the dataset. This can be exposed to end-users of all skill levels to create their own visualizations.nimbleBI - Is an agile and intuitive interface for quickly creating Business Intelligence Visualizations that can easily be embedded into custom web sites or accessed via the standalone nimbleBI web interface. This BI tool avoids the cumbersome development associated with other metadata driven BI tools and allows the developer to quickly point nimbleBI at a data source and interrogate that data source with a query they have full control over.  This allows for limitless performance optimization as the developer controls the exact query syntax that is being executed against the data model. Once the data output is constructed into a dataset it becomes immediately available for visualization leveraging many of the top JavaScript based libraries such as (D3.js, ECharts etc...) The foundation for nimbleBI is built on top of  Pentaho CE which has been extended to improve visualization outputs, ease of use, enterprise level security and system administration.  A wide array of database and big data connectivity is currently supported and continuously updated to stay current with all the latest trends.


Deployment methods





Nimblebi SaaS

SaaS - Leverage a fully hosted version of nimbleBI for both Enterprise and Individual use - cost based on monthly/user subscriptions - visit www.nimbelbi.com for details




Nimblebi AWS

AWS AMI - Setup your AMI in minutes and run nimbleBI in your own cloud infrastructure - cost based on AMI hourly rates




Nimblebi On Premise

On Premise - Install the nimbleBI application and receive quarterly updates - cost based on initial software download fee and continued yearly maintenance

Business Challenge

Enterprise BI tools comes with their own baggage of complexity, learning curve and  cost in terms of time and energy. This creates unnecessary hurdles for simple end users to derive quick insights


nimbleBI is crafted for Simplicity, Agility and Ease-of-use. nimbleBI is unique in having proven technologies under the hood but providing exceptional end user experience based on latest UI and visualizations technologies

Nimble Bi
ROI/Business Benefits



Rapid agile
development of
beautiful data


Developr friendly
embedding BI into
existing web


Law Cost of

Due to Simplified
licensing and rapid


No dependency
on specialized BI


Highly intuitive
user interface

for business users to
create their own